Artificial intelligence is already here… it’s us.

We stare at screens all day…

We have meetings where we, meet for a few seconds…

  • 1: ‘Hi how you?’
  • 2: ‘Fine, thanks. How are you?’
  • 1: ‘Fine, thanks.’
  • (and repeat)

…and then concede to staring at more screens, larger screens (so that everyone in the meeting can see). All to help us learn how to get better at… whatever it is we are staring at screens for.

Sometimes we get to travel to show other companies how the data on our screen can help move some data points on their screen… they like that.

We leave the office staring at a screen, and commute home staring at a screen.

We get home…

  • Her: ‘How was your day?’
  • Him: ‘Good. How was yours?’
  • Her: ‘Good.’

…and stare at multiple screens (TV, iPad, Phone). All to unwind from… staring at screens all day.

And if everything goes exactly as planned, we will get to continue on this path for another 30-50 more years!


What ever happened our curiosity and ideas, our wanderlust, our creativity and dreams?

Have we left them behind for the opportunity to stare at screens all day? I mean how could we ever follow our curiosities, start a business, or travel the world when all this screen staring has to get done!?

Some people fear that artificial intelligence will come and take over the world one day, and the world will be run by nonliving (yet undead) machines. Machines that only react with predetermined responses, to information they receive from… a screen.

Seem familiar? If so, then it might be a good time to pause and reflect.  There are only so many jelly beans left, remember? (see: ‘The Time You Have (In Jellybeans)’)

Now, this is not a cry to quit your job, start a business or become a nomad. —Although, why not? I meet with entrepreneurs from all over the world to learn how they brought their business ideas to life (see: ‘Lifestyle by Design – The Series’)—.

This is simply a cry to have a response to the question ‘What are you curious about?’. 

Because if we don’t, then artificial intelligence is already here, it’s us.

Creator of 'Lifestyle by Design - The Series'. A Podcast and Webseries on how to bring ideas like yours to life.

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